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NICOSIA (REUTERS)-4 people were found dead as a huge fire raved for a second day in Cyprus, taking down systems of forest in a blaze one authorities called the worst on document. The blaze, fanned by strong winds, affected a minimum of 10 neighborhoods over a location of 50 sq km in the foothills of the Troodos chain of mountains, an area of yearn woodland and also densely decayed shrubland.

The victims, thought to be Egyptian nationals, were found dead near the community of Odou, a hilly community north of the cities of Limassol and Larnaca.

“All indications point to it being the 4 individuals who were missing since the other day,” Interior Preacher Nicos Nouris claimed.

The EU’s executive, the European Commission, stated fire-fighting aircrafts had actually left from Greece to fight the fire and Italy was likewise planning to release aerial firemens.

The EU’s emergency situation Copernicus satellite was likewise activated to give damage assessment maps of the affected areas, the Compensation claimed in a statement.

“It is the worst woodland fire in the history of Cyprus,” Forestries Division Director Charalambos Alexandrou informed Cyprus’ Omega TELEVISION.

Efforts were being made to prevent the blaze from going across the mountains and also stop it prior to reaching Machairas, a pine forestland and also among the highest possible peaks in Cyprus.

The source of the fire, which began around midday on Saturday (July 3), was vague. Cyprus experiences high temperatures in the summer season, with temperatures in recent days exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

Police stated they were examining a 67 years of age individual in connection with the blaze.

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