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NAIROBI(AFP )-Thirteen people were eliminated and also lots of others wounded when an overturned fuel tanker caught fire and also blew up on a highway in western Kenya, police stated on Sunday (July 18).

“We counted twelve bodies at the scene. An additional individual died in hospital from their injuries,” said police chief Charles Chacha of Siaya Area, where the crash occurred late on Saturday.

The sufferers had rushed to siphon leaking gas after the truck fell over in an accident near Malanga, some 315 kilometres north-west of Nairobi, on the active road in between Kisumu as well as the boundary with Uganda.

“It rupture right into fires as they scooped gas that was flowing,” said Chief Chacha.

“Several others have been taken to health center with serious burns and also they consist of young kids.”

Fire crews arrived on the scene 2 hrs later on to snuff the snake pit.

In 2009, a similar crash near Molo, north-west of the capital Nairobi, eliminated some 122 people.

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