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JOHANNESBURG (AFP )-On a calm autumn mid-day, new-born doubles Maya and Paula ordinary in harmony on a mattress at a Johannesburg residence, completely taking resort to bottle-feed and also snooze, unconcerned of the unpredictability over their citizenship standing.

They are daughters of a Namibian-Mexican gay couple, as well as the Namibian authorities have dragged their feet on providing files for the ladies birthed to a South African surrogate mother to take a trip to Windhoek. They have actually required proof of a biological link to the babies for the moms and dads, 38-year-old Phillip Luehl and his partner Guillermo Delgado, 36.

The men are now pinning their hopes on a Namibian High Court judgment, scheduled for Monday (April 19), to a minimum of permit the infants to safeguard short-term files to travel to Windhoek as well as join Mr Delgado and their two-year-old bro Yona. Before the babies showed up, the pair had actually made an application for documents to ensure that they would be able to take a trip house to Namibia soon after birth.

“To our shock that … really innocent request was denied,” Mr Luehl informed AFP. Now, “I’m below in South Africa with the women and can not take a trip, can not go into Namibia,” he claimed as the girls’ 70-year-old granny, Ms Frauke Luehl, bottle-fed one while the various other rested.

For now, a house in Johannesburg’s leafy suburb of Auckland Park is the ladies’ momentary home. Mr Luehl and also Mr Delgado suggest that there is no lawful basis to need DNA proof of an organic relationship, and that they are being targeted as well as discriminated against because they are a same-sex couple. “This requirement would never ever be asked from a heterosexual couple … (or) from a solitary mommy that gave birth in South Africa, and also involves Namibia,” Mr Luehl claimed. In a similar way, parents of followed youngsters would not go through such demands, he stated. The Namibian government has rejected accusations of discrimination.

‘Outright being rejected’

Residence Matters Priest Frans Kapofi “did not accept a demand to issue the twins Namibian traveling documents, due to the fact that their privilege to Namibian citizenship by descent had not been determined”, the government claimed in a statement last month, when the situation was brought before the courts.

At the time, a crowd of activists rallied at a picket outside the court structure in support of the doubles. In a different situation, the pair’s very first kid Yona – also born through surrogacy – is still defending Namibian citizenship. When they proactively looked for the traveling papers prior to the daughters’ birth, they did not expect a simple flight. “We were prepared … but except this outright denial by the Namibian government,” Mr Luehl stated. He is confident concerning the upcoming court ruling.

“I declare,” said Mr Luehl, prior to getting and shaking the children, sometimes planting kisses on their heads. He murmured that day he will certainly tell them regarding the lawful rigmarole they went through as babies.

Homosexuality is unlawful in Namibia under a rarely-enforced 1927 sodomy legislation going back to its duration of South African rule. Mr Luehl refers to as the government’s refusal to enable his little girls to travel an “energetic act of discrimination … as well as state-sanctioned homophobia that is still significantly in position”.

South Africa is the single African nation that allows gay marriage, legalised in 2006. Elsewhere, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Angola and also the Seychelles have actually decriminalised homosexuality.

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